Dave has been involved with horses in some shape or form for about 40 years, and has participated at a low level in dressage, jumping, polo cross and more recently packhorse trekking.

He has trimmed horses for about 7 years. He has been trimming for the last 4 years professionally. Pictured are some of his clients.


"Seeing more barefoot horses than shod horses, and owning both barefoot and shod horses, gave me the opportunity to compare their hooves and see that there was a very real difference in the external structure and function of the hoof. After heaps of research and reading the works of Pete Ramey, Jamie Jackson, Micheal Savoldi, Dave Druckett, Chris Pollit, Prof. Robert Bowker, Gene Ovnicek and others, it seemed obvious to me that barefooting was a "no brainer" and the only way forward."

This research led Dave to Equethy, and Mayfield (home to Andrew and Nicky Bowe, more widely recognised as the Barefoot Blacksmith) and the world of Equine Podiotherapy.

"My aim is to help horse owners to have an active role in caring for and better understanding the importance of their horses hooves, and the hoof's function in the overall well-being of the horse and its performance."


Dave visits clients between Goulburn and Sydney. Contact Dave to see if you can be included in his run.